Project Information

  • Red Leaf Pulp will be the first operating entity to found, develop, construct and operate an alternative fibre plant in Saskatchewan, Canada.

  • We are forecasting production in Q2 2023.

  • The plant will convert waste wheat straw into dried pulp and a blended lignin and carbohydrate.

  • The Facility is anticipated to utilize approximately 290,000 tonnes of waste straw to produce 182,000 tonnes of pulp and 95,000 tonnes of lignin per year.

  • The pulp will be sold for use in a variety of paper products including paper towels, tissue, molded fibre and packaging products. The lignin will be sold for use in biofuels, animal feed, as a soil additive, for dust abatement and for other industrial applications.

  • As the process requires low energy and water use, production costs are significantly lower than those of existing wood fibre mills (between 50-60% of the cost).

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