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Red Leaf Pulp Ltd.

Red Leaf is scaling up a proprietary and cost-competitive process for converting residual wheat straw to market pulp and bio-energy, addressing the growing market need for more sustainable packaging, tissue and paper products.

While certain elements of the Red Leaf process are unique and innovative, fibre has been made from wheat straw for decades around the globe. The Red Leaf process uses off-the-shelf, proven equipment and will produce economic quantities of market pulp from wheat straw -- at scale in North America for the first time.

The key innovations (and patents pending) which unlock fibre production at scale are generated by Red Leaf's solution to a global problem -- How to use the byproducts of pulp production.

Red Leaf has established a pathway to pelletize these byproducts and displace fossil-fuel based energy with a sustainable, low-carbon feedstock.

Exclusive Partners:

  • Allnorth Consultants, an international multidisciplinary engineering, project delivery and construction services company.
  • Central National the largest independent distributor of pulp and paper products.
  • IEM one of the oldest and most innovative global materials handling OEMs.
  • Ostrom Climate, Canada's leading firm in carbon advisory.
  • PCL Construction the largest Construction company in Canada.
  • Swedish Exergy supplier of biomass drying and evaporator technologies.
  • Trimble providing reliable supply chain solutions that manage raw material, conversion & finished goods.
  • Valmet the largest pulp & paper OEM.

Wheat fibre production uses approximately 5% of the water and as little as 30% of the energy used in competing wood pulp production.

Red Leaf’s processes do not affect land use or biodiversity.

Red Leaf will use wheat straw that was once a residual product and turn it into a valuable, biodegradable pulp product.

Wheat straw extraction supports an existing supply chain, resulting in enhanced revenue for Canadian wheat producers.

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