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​Red Leaf offers a Sustainable Value Proposition:

  • No change in land use: wheat straw is a sustainable feedstock alternative as a byproduct of wheat production.

  • No change in biodiversity: creation of a truly circular economy.

  • Supports existing supply chain: creates enhanced revenue for Canadian wheat producers.

Screenshot 2022-09-26 113549.png

  • The carbon footprint of Red Leaf pulp is 83% lower than the footprint of conventional mechanical pulps due to:

    • Increased energy efficiency and low water usage;

    • Usage of renewable energy sources;

    • Utilization of an agricultural waste product that is locally sourced (within a 100 km radius from site);

    • Efficient facility and process.


  • Utilizing straw instead of wood to create pulp results in a carbon savings of 249,200 tonnes of CO2e​/year, equivalent to:

    • Taking 54,197 passenger vehicles off the road for one year​

    • The carbon sequestered by 305,318 acres of forests in one year

  • Red Leaf is engaged with Treaty 4 First Nations to collaborate on employment and ancillary business opportunities.

  • A Red Leaf facility will create over 130 direct jobs, 460 indirect jobs and 250 construction jobs to the local community.

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