When properly extracted, wheat fibre production can be part of the circular economy. Fully utilizing the byproducts to generate renewable low-carbon fuels is highly sustainable and profitable. Red Leaf will be Canada’s first climate-positive alternative fibre and renewable energy project.

We will use wheat straw that was once a residual product and turn it into a valuable, biodegradable product. 

Wheat straw extraction supports an existing supply chain, resulting in enhanced revenue for Canadian wheat producers. This process represents 40-60%* increase in net income for growers/farmers, with less work and equipment wear. Farmers save on fuel, get paid for residual materials, and can provide employment for their staff through value creation.

Through minimal soil disturbance, using existing farmland, and other environmental advantages, Red Leaf helps support global food security.

Red Leaf’s processes will generate sustainable and valuable renewable energy. These renewable, low-carbon fuels can be used as an alternative to fossil fuels, with lower costs than wind and solar power generation.

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