We’ve Streamlined the Producer Partnership Process

It’s now easier than ever to sign up to get a quote on the value of your residual cereal grain straw.

Red Leaf Pulp (RLP) is seeking straw supply partnerships with producers and landowners in the regions surrounding Regina. Our producer supply contracts offer strong pricing for the straw with a profit-sharing and good incentives for baling and stacking bales,, helping to increase and diversify your farm income without disrupting land use.

We’ve recently simplified the application process for producers like you by:

  • Making a brief online overview that outlines our project goals, criteria, and opportunities for producers and landowners. 
  • Creating a quick, easy, and mobile-friendly online form that will put you directly into our database, giving us all the details needed to prepare dollar quotes for eligible applicants.

  • Participated in and hosted local agriculture-related events to present our projects, answer producer inquiries, and make in-person connections.

We will be purchasing cereal grain straw from producers in order to create  sustainable market pulp (alternative fibre) and renewable energy products, in our state-of-the-art Regina-based facility. Our value-added strategy helps us provide competitive value for the cereal grain straw we purchase.

Signing up to sell your cereal grain straw is easy. Get started with our online overview and online application form today! Should you prefer to contact us by phone, please reach out to us at 306-808-2442.

We also encourage you to share the link with friends, family members, colleagues, and acquaintances who may also be interested in this partnership. 

RLP values your privacy. We will keep your contact information and application confidential.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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