Agriculture is Our Culture

Sustainable, high-value, and economically viable agriculture is putting Saskatchewan on the world stage. Red Leaf is proud to help lead the way.

At Red Leaf, our mission and values are deeply rooted in sustainability and innovation. Recently, we had the chance to reflect in-depth on our team culture, while documenting why we do what we do. We’d like to take this opportunity to share those insights. 

Red Leaf Pulp aims to be at the forefront of the circular economy, with an emphasis on the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting full crop utilization. Our dedication is reflected in our continuous efforts to align our practices with the long-term agronomic and economic goals of our producers and downstream partners. Our focus on innovation enables our team to make significant technical advances, enhancing our products and furthering our goal to be leaders in value-added applications of Alternative Fibre and Renewable Energy.

The Red Leaf Regina Pulp Plant will strengthen the local agricultural economy through our high-value use of cereal grain straw, transforming it from an underutilized resource into a valuable commodity in the global pulp market. This not only creates multiple new revenue streams for producers but also gives them the freedom to select the best contract options for their farms. By offering a long-term, stable opportunity to sell straw, we support producers in their efforts to practice sustainable agriculture and maximize crop utilization.

Red Leaf's approach to resource management showcases our dedication to environmental stewardship. Our contracts are designed with producers' long-term vision in mind, comprising transparent partnerships through fair pricing models, clear contracts, and a mutual commitment to growth and success. These strong relationships ensure reliable demand and stable prices for producers, reinforcing our complementary role in the broader agriculture supply chain. From increasing food security to helping diversify farm income, we are creating a win-win situation.

We are also committed to driving innovation and technology adoption in farming. By encouraging advanced farming technologies and practices, we help producers enhance crop yields, improve straw quality, and increase overall farm efficiency. Beyond our direct impact on agriculture, Red Leaf’s operations contribute to community and economic development by creating employment opportunities and supporting local businesses. Through education and knowledge sharing, we provide producers with the tools and information they need to thrive in this emerging market, ensuring that our growth is shared with our community.

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